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Handy Hitch Trailer Alignment System 5 1/4 inch Pintle


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The One That Works The First Time, Every Time.

The Handy Hitch is a trailer alignment system that allows a person to hitch up a boat, camper, cargo, or utility trailer by him or herself the first time, every time, saving time, frustration, and possible injury. It is easy to use and easy to store.

The Handy Hitch assists a person driving a towing vehicle such as a pickup truck, SUV, or even a car to align to a trailer tongue by bringing the towing vehicle into close alignment with the tongue. This permits the trailer tongue to be lowered onto the hitch ball to complete the connection. With the Handy Hitch, alignment can be done exclusively by the driver of the towing vehicle without using a second person as a guide.


The Handy Hitch trailer alignment system has many advantages over other alignment products.

  1. The Handy Hitch has a one-piece main frame that fits almost any trailer hitch without the use of magnets, clamps, plates, or bolts to hold it on the trailer’s tongue. 
  2. The Handy Hitch has an adjustable stop plate that can be moved either forward or backward to adjust for the stop reaction time of the towing vehicle’s driver. This adjustment allows the towing vehicle’s ball hitch placement to be almost perfect every time. 
  3. After the Handy Hitch is adjusted for the first use, it is not necessary to re-adjust it for future uses. 
  4. The Handy Hitch is small enough to be easily stored for future use. For easy access it can be stored under the vehicle’s driver's side seat, in a small toolbox, or in many of the small compartments of your vehicle.




  1. Does the Handy Hitch work at night?
    Yes, the back up lights on your vehicle will reflect light off of the reflector tape as well as the chrome antenna, making it easy to use in the dark.
  2. What do you mean by “reaction time?”
    Your reaction time refers to the time it takes you to stop your vehicle after you see the antenna move forward. For a slower reaction time, move the stop plate forward. For a faster reaction time, move the stop plate backward. After you use the Handy Hitch the first time you will determine your reaction time and you can adjust the stop plate accordingly.
  3. Can the Handy Hitch work on any trailer?
    The Handy Hitch has a universal fit; you can compress or expand the round portion to fit most of the trailers in use today to include camper, boat, cargo, and enclosed trailers.
  4. Will the Handy Hitch work with any vehicle?
    The Handy Hitch will work with any vehicle as long as you can see out of the center of the back window.
  5. Where do I put the Handy Hitch when I am done using it?
    The Handy Hitch is compact enough to be stored in many places such as your glove or door compartment, or even under your vehicle seat for future use.
  6. Is the Handy Hitch effective when backing up from different angles?
    Yes, by turning the stop plate in the direction you will be backing up to your trailer, it will work the same way as backing straight on.

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  • Model: hh2-5
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  • Manufactured by: Handy Hitch