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CT-200 Mini-Tracker w/Magnetic Case


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The CT-200 Mini-Tracker is a fully certified quad-band integrated GPS tracking device that provides complete GSM/GPRS functionality for mobile tracking applications. It's integrated GPS/A-GPS capabilities include tracking of up to 14 satellites and location reporting through GPRS. 

Comes w/Magnetic Case

Real Time (5 Seconds) updates are available through the CovertTrack tracking service.  The Mini-Tracker reports exact location, speed, & battery level in real-time.  The CT-200 also has a panic button which will enable the user to transmit an alert instantly to any cell phone or email address with the touch of a button.

The Technology:

With the GPS-Assist option, the CT-200 links to the Worldwide Reference Network (WWRN) which has Triple-redundant coverage of the GPS constellation by using reference stations on every continent. The WWRN sees all the
satellites, all the time, and exceeds 99.999% uptime. It provides AGPS information to the CT-200 in the form of Long Term Orbits (LTO) data.   LTO delivers satellite orbit data to the CT-200 for 7 days in advance. This assists the CT-200 in eliminating the time to "acquire satellites" from orbit directly. This speeds TTFF (time to first fix) from minutes to seconds, and enables operation in urban, indoor, & obstructed environments where traditional GPS commonly fails.


Product Specifications:
Size 3.9"H x 2.3"W x 1.2" D
Operating Temp. -22°F  - 158°F
Humidity-Up to 95% Non-Condensing
Tracking Up to 14 Satellites
Assisted GPS -LTO
FCC, GCF, PTCRB Certified
Quad Band GPRS
Built in Motion Sensor
10 Day Battery life -Internal Battery
(Based on 1hr of use per day)
Instant Activation Available

Magnetic Weatherproof  Case (Included)
45 Day Battery Pack
(Based on 2hrs of use per day)

Top Features:
Miniature Size
High Sensitivity GPS
Real-Time Reporting
Panic Button

15 Minute Updates $24.95/Month

 5  Minute Updates $39.95/Month

 2  Minute Updates $49.95/Month

 1  Minute Updates $59.95/Month

30 Second  Updates $69.95/Month

15 Second  Updates $89.95/Month

  5 Second  Updates $129.95/Month


 Activation:  $59.95  (same day takes about 5 hours).

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  • Model: CT-200
  • Shipping Weight: 1.8lbs
  • Manufactured by: Coverttrack