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FuseMaster Long Version


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FuseMaster eliminates the necessity of removing a fuse for towing, then having to reinsert it for driving. After the installation you simply flip a switch to accomplish the same task.

This is a convenience product 
— typical customer is a person in their 60s, 70s or 80s who finds it physically daunting to remove such a small thing — not to mention
having to remember where they put it — then having to reinsert it later.
FuseMaster is so easy to install that many of these customers will be able to install it themselves.

What is it?
FuseMaster is an electrical harness with leads at one end and a rocker switch at the other.

How does it work?
This is a plug-and-play product —
1. The fuse is pulled and the leads are inserted into the fuse socket.
2. The fuse is inserted into a fuse holder on the harness, re-establishing the electrical connection.
3. After the installation, the customer never has to pull the fuse again — the switch is flipped to “drive” or to “tow.”
What does it fit?

There are four FuseMasters which, collectively, will accommodate most vehicles which must have fuses removed for towing.

76510 FuseMaster the most commonly used
10-inch length — so that the switch is as close to the
fuse panel as possible
Switch is mounted in the passenger compartment


Stop pulling fuses to tow!
How about if you never had to spend another minute with your face on the floor mat, gazing up into a black void, hunting for a miniscule piece of plastic playing hide and seek? 
Well, you don’t have to.
FuseMaster eliminates the necessity of having to remove a fuse for towing, then having to reinsert it for driving. After it’s installed you simply flip a switch to accomplish the same task. 

There are four FuseMasters which, collectively, fit most vehicles which must have fuses removed for towing. 
fits the majority of vehicles where a fuse must be pulled 
a longer version of the 76510
where two fuses are required to be removed
use to replace a heavy-duty, 50-amp fuse
View the FuseMaster chart pdf here

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  • Model: 76511
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  • Manufactured by: Roadmaster