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Autero DT-506 Forward & Reverse Alert System

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Forward & Reverse Alert System
Front And Rear Bumper Sensor/LCD/Sound Alert System

When the vehicle is reversing, 4 rear bumper sensors send out ultrasonic waves 4 times per second that detect obstacles behind the vehicle up to 6 feet away. The controller receives the signal and transmits to the LCD display which emits both a visual and audio alert. The front sensors are always on unless the system is in reverse. If the vehicle is powered, the front sensors send out sonar waves to detect objects up to 3ft away and provide a visual display alert. The front sensors are designed to assist the driver when parking in garages or when parallel parking.

Rear: Speaker emits long intermittent beeps when objects are within 4 to 6 feet of the rear bumper while the vehicle is in reverse. When the vehicle is within 1 foot or less of an obstacle, the speaker (which includes a high and low volume setting) sounds a continuous alert. 

Front: LCD display activates when objects are within 3 feet of front of vehicle as long as vehicle is on and not in reverse.

Rear power is supplied by tapping into reverse lights: rear system is activated only when vehicle is in reverse. Front sensor power is tapped into accessory power and is activated when vehicle is on.

Front/Rear Multiple Zone Caution
Interior Sound Warning
LED Display

Easy to InstallUniversal Design FitsAll Makes And Models1-Year Warranty


Controller Unit
VFT LCD display with integrated speaker and 21ft cable
Six 21mm Sensors with 8ft rear sensore cable and 24ft front sensor cable
Drill Bit
Owner’s Manual and Installation Guide

VFT LCD Display: Displays distance to impact with obstacles up to 6ft. away from rear and up to 3ft. from front. 2 colordisplay indicates which side of the vehicle an obstacle is located. Speaker with highand low volume setting sounds alert for rear obstacles.

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