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NR23 EasyChock Motorcycle Wheel Chock - NR23


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The highest quality NR23 motorcycle wheel chock has the best design for many different applications with a fixed wheel cradle and adjustable front stop. The NR23 - "EasyChock", essentially secures your wheel into the chock once you drive a bike into it. This allows the motorcycle to be held in the upright/vertical position allowing you to stra it down with one person without worrying about the motorcycle tipping over.

To unload the motorcycle from the NR23 EasyChock, simply jerk the motorcycle out to allow the wheel to roll out of the chock releasing the front or rear tire. This NR23 motorcycle chock measures 24.5" long x 22" wide x 14" high and weighs only 23 pounds. Tie down straps are required for hauling your motorcycle and are recommended for upright storage.

The NR23 motorcycle wheel chock is built in the USA by EasyRide. The welders are certified by one of America's top welding schools. Each product is hand cut, welded, and painted by a skilled fabricator. Start enjoying the benefits of your NR23 today! Why pay double the money for a wheel chock when the "EasyChock" will do the same job?

Product Dimensions:

  • 24.5" long x 22" wide x 14" high (folds down to 6" high)
  • Accommodates front or rear tires from 14"-21" (80-220mm wide)

Product Features:

  • Heavy duty steel construction with a black finish
  • Made in the USA
  • NR23 chock weighs: 23 lbs.
  • Adjustable front wheel stop accommodates front or rear tires from 14"-21" (80-220mm wide)
  • Load & secure a motorcycle by yourself
  • Can be mounted to any flat surface with 2 bolts (not included)
  • QUICK-NUTS sold separately for easy removal of wheel chock


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  • Model: NR23
  • Shipping Weight: 23lbs
  • Manufactured by: Rage Powersports