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Covert Wi-Fi Digital Wireless Web Camera - Indented Pinhole

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Product Description

- Wi-Fi camera in a covert housing. No interference, Totally secure, no interception, Strong digital wireless signal, Stable connection

- Allow remote viewing & record (motion activated) from anywhere anytime.
- Single IP for multiple camera control.
- No need for 3rd party software.
- Simple and quick to setup, friendly user interface
- Support IE browser or any other standard browsers
- Wi-Fi compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g,WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption
- Motion detection alert via email or upload image to FTP
- Multi-level users management with password protection

This Pinhole WiFi Camera is available for sale at a great price with customer service you can count on. It saves your recordings at the rate of 1.8 gb per hour. This item also has the ability to record when motion is detected. The videos produced by this item are in a avi video format. Audio recording is an optional upgrade for this device. The key feature of this camera system: it allows for viewing live video over the internet using your PC, Tablet or Smartphone (Android, iPhone).

Technical Details

Sensor: 1/4 Color CMOS

Resolution: 300K Pixe TV Lines

Sensitivity: 0.5 lux

IR Sensitivity: Yes

Lens Type: Pinhole

Focal Length: 3.8 mm

Viewing Angle: 75 Deg. Horiz.

Max Video Rec Quality: 640 x 480

Max Video Rec Speed: 30 f/s

Compression: MJPEG

Memory Usage: 1.8 GB per hour

Motion Detection Rec: Yes

Time Stamp: Yes

Programmable: Yes

Video Format: AVI

Compatibility: PC only

Audio: Optional

Power Type: Power adapter only

Power Input: 5V DC

Batt Type: No Battery Option

Dim (Length): 3.3 "

Dim (Width): 3.3 "

Dim (Height): 1.3 "

No of Channels: Up to 9 Cameras

Range: 300 ~ 500 ft

Wireless Type: IEEE 802.11b/g

Housing material: ABS

Environment: Indoor

Included Items: Software, Power Adapter

OS: Win2000 & higher

You must have a wireless router and high speed internet connection for our wifi cameras to work.

Even if you are not familiar with networking, we will fully support you with the setup. If you call us from the camera location, we can connect to your PC and set it all up for you, all you have to do is just sit back and watch.
Our wifi cameras will work with all major brand name standalone routers, however not all generic brand, mobile and combo units (router + modem) are compatible. Please see the compatibility chart before ordering.
Mix and match! All our wi-fi network cameras are compatible to each other for great expansion possibilities. 
(Exception: WFDVR-100) More models coming soon.
Wi-Fi cameras transmit video & audio directly to your wireless router. The video is recorded on your PC and can be viewed live via web browser on your computer or smartphone. No interference & secure.
Watch over your home or business from wherever you can access the Internet. The wireless network camera lets you keep a safe eye on your surroundings. Listen & view if your child is crying or your teenager is throwing a block party without your consent. This is not just a viewing system but also a recorder with an extensive recording software.
Can your wifi made in other covert housing?
Yes, we are currently working on more of them. We have black box wi-fi system as wells built-in to various covert housings.
Hi, can your wi-fi cameras be viewed with a cellphone such as a i-phone? if so, what are the best ways to connect?
Our WiFi IP cameras are designed to be connected directly from a remote location and included software can only be installed on a PC. Therefore video via a cell phone is not possible without the use of 3rd party software and a dedicated computer for live streaming over the internet.
We recommend using the following software with our IP camera
If you're using Mac OS X: EvoCam
If you're using Windows: webcamXP
How does digital motion detection recording work?
Digital motion detection is a feature for many self recording all-in-one cameras, DVRs and recording software. It senses video pixel movement to trigger the recording, thus saving memory and time when you review the video. Therefore, you only need opening for the lens of the camera to detect motion. When motion is no longer detected for a certain time (programmable) it will stop to record and wait for the next trigger. However, it will not save the power, if battery powered, since both the camera & DVR has to be 'ON' in order to detect motion.
How much network bandwidth is required for these IP Cameras?
Our Wi-Fi hidden cameras use about 350KBytes/sec of network bandwidth.
I've connected to the Wi-Fi camera but it shows a black screen?
In order to access the Wi-Fi Camera successfully with Internet Explorer, please download and install the file below. [ Download File ]
What is the minimum focusing distance of a camera?
All our camera including pinhole cameras (but except for a hidden cameras where you can not turn the lens), can macro focus to an object as close as 1mm between the lens and the object.

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